The idea to create Fine People Community as a brand was born during the most challenging pandemic period in our lives so far.

During this period, perhaps for the first time, we completely turned inward and began to reconsider our connections with those around us, the society we live in, nature, living things and our true home, the Earth. All of this has made us realize our 'real' needs such as love, belonging, trust and self-compassion, and how we try to fill all these needs with endless consumption.

At that time, we said that there is definitely another way. We can create a community that will make us feel good while consuming what we need, while nourishing ourselves from being in it.

Because we are all in the same boat. And as Hubert Reeves said, "If we win our war with nature, we will lose in the end."

That's why the "Fine" in our brand comes from "well being" and feeling good in every sense. We selected all of our fabrics in our production only from organic certified and pure fabrics, and we designed a social responsibility project in such a way that each product purchased will provide another goodness.

This is exactly where the community of our dreams comes together;

Fine People Community.

Just like you, those who have the same dream as us; We are where we dream of being together with those who value themselves, others, all living creatures and the earth, our homeland.

On behalf of the Fine People Community,
Bahar Akbulut