The brand aims to create a Fine People Community (#finepeoplecommunity) for itself. This community that wants to multiply with goodness; loving nature, consuming consciously, having high awareness ; At the same time, it consists of people who want to exist with all their goodness towards the nature they are in, the society they are a part of and all living things .

The brand is based on the awareness of social responsibility and value creation . Each piece purchased makes the purchaser part of the #finepeoplecommunity and provides further assistance within the project on their behalf.

#finepeoplecommunity's motto is ' Just be good '. Everything and everyone good is part of this community.

All garments or products produced; It aims to ensure that those who wear or use them are in their own, simplest and happiest state as they are in nature .

As Fine People Community, we are in favor of minimal life. Thanks to the fact that the clothes we produce can be easily matched with other pieces, we support more functional and more conscious dressing with fewer items in our closets.

What we take from nature , we aim to give back to nature with zero harm .

Nothing that is not suitable for nature and our nature cannot take place in FPC.

As FPC, we do not take part in periods of high consumption . Standing against this consumption frenzy, we support organizations like Slow November .

With every piece of clothing purchased, we ensure that another person or creature is doing a favor .