There are many sad stories we can tell about all the evil that is happening around us. All kinds of pollution, global warming, hunger, forest fires, endangered animals..; we are all aware of this. We believe that change does not happen by talking about them, but by "doing something" about all of them.
At Fine People Community, to achieve the change we want; We believe we can be that change, starting with ourselves.
Marcus Aurelius says, "What is not good for the hive cannot be good for the bee itself."
We are sure of one thing, if we question where the products we use come from, what damage they are produced, what kind of materials are used in their production, how much pollution is created to the environment during production, and who produces them under what conditions; then we will be consciously consuming without breaking the circle of goodness.
We know that change begins when we care about only one bee and any other bee in this whole hive we are in.
Using organic certified 100% pure linen and Organic certified 100% pure cotton; We are involved in a production chain that has been subjected to very detailed inspections in accordance with the standards created with precision in order to protect nature at the maximum level from the fields where our fabrics are produced to our workshops. Organically processed fabrics do not contain any additives, and we offer them in the purest possible form, returning everything to nature. At the same time, with these certificates, we ensure that the veterans working at any stage of production receive the required wages, that they work in environments that comply with the standards, and that no child labor is employed at any stage.
All this allows us to stand behind the products we produce with peace of mind. If you have a problem with the clothes you bought from Fine People Community, arising from the product that will arise out of its use in accordance with the instructions for use, if you send it to us for two years, we will renew and send it. We want you to wear this product with the same love for years and always be a timeless part of your closet. At this time when everything is consumed rapidly, we support slow consumption and want all our products to be worn for years.

Because at the end of the day it's all about each of us being able to "be well" together.