Ecological Parasite Collar

150TL 200TL
By taking this collar, you can protect our little friends on the street against parasites. Proceeds from the collars will be donated to the HAYTAP Association.

The parasites that our little friends carry on them cause them to get sick easily and their resistance to diseases decrease. Unfortunately, they cannot deal with this problem on their own. As Book Koala, we aimed to solve the parasite problems of our little friends with parasite collars. These collars, which are organically produced from the all-natural CITRONELLA search; While they do not contain any toxic substances and chemicals, they were designed in accordance with ecology. You can safely use our collars, which provide protection against lice, fleas, ticks and all kinds of insects for up to 90 days, for all cats and dogs whose neck circumference is between 15 cm - 68 cm.
We thank you in advance for this support you have given in order to protect living things with love.

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