The Passion Organik Keten Elbise


The Passion Keten Elbise Organik Sertifikalı %100 Saf Keten’den Premium el işçiliği ile üretilmiştir.

Tek omuzludur, omuzdan ve belden kuşak ayarları ile bedene tam oturur. Göğüs dikişleri üst bedeni saracak şekilde tasarlanmıştır.

İç göstermez.


Ölçü detayları için ölçü tablomuza göz atabilirsiniz.

Color: Turuncu

Since our products are produced from 100% Pure Linen with Organic Certificate, with premium workmanship, they are a delicate product. Therefore, we would be very happy if you follow the instructions below so that you can wear it for many years:

  • Wash with similar colors on a delicate wash program by turning it inside out at maximum 30 degrees.
  • Use fabric softener.
  • Never use bleaching, do not dry clean.
  • We recommend ironing on the reverse at high temperature.
  • Hang to dry without exposing to sunlight.
  • Do not dry in the dryer.
  • Do not tighten.

And for the best results:

Don't forget to smile a lot, wear it with love!

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